Permanent Synod of UGCC Bishops holds its 20th (71st) session online

17 May, 09:50
Permanent Synod of UGCC Bishops holds its 20th (71st) session online - фото 1
The permanent Synod of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church held its working meetings on May 12-14.

This is reported by the press service of the Secretariat of the Synod of Bishops of the UGCC.

Given the wartime threats, the meeting of members of the Permanent Synod was held online. It was attended by the current members of the Synod: Patriarch Sviatoslav of the UGCC chaired the meeting.

Among the meeting participants were the following:

- Archbishop and Metropolitan Borys Gudziak of Philadelphia;
- Archbishop and Metropolitan Yevhen Popovych of Przemysl-Warsaw;
- Bishop of the Diocese of Parma of St. Josaphat, Bohdan Danylo;
- Assistant Bishop of the Archdiocese of Ternopil-Zboriv Theodor Martyniuk.

This was the last session of this Permanent Synod because the new members will be elected at the Synod of Bishops in 2022. The Secretary of the meeting was the Deputy Secretary of the Synod of Bishops of the UGCC Fr Andriy Khimyak.

During the online meetings, guest speakers were invited to discuss.

The hierarchs discussed the current state of pastoral care of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in the context of the full-scale war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. Special attention was paid to the political, military and humanitarian situation in our country and the Church's response to the current challenges.

At the end of the first working session, the bishops continued their work on preparing the next synod of bishops of the UGCC, which is scheduled to take place this summer. In particular, it was decided to change the place and date of the Synod of Bishops, taking into account the Russian military aggression.

The main theme of the next synod of bishops of the UGCC has long been chosen: "synodality and conciliarity: the experience of the UGCC". The main speaker will be Bishop Dionysius Lyakhovich, Apostolic Exarch for Ukrainians of the Byzantine rite in Italy. Co-rapporteurs: Fr Doctor Igor Boyko, Fr Doctor Oleg Kaskiv, Fr Doctor Vitaly Tokar. The program provides ample opportunities for discussion, in particular working in groups, discussions, etc.

The third working session of the members of the Permanent Synod was devoted to the consideration of canonical issues and in particular four titles of the future code of canons of the UGCC. The activities of the Working Group on the elaboration of the code of canons of the UGCC was led by Metropolitan Yevhen Popovych, and the speakers on this topic are Fr. Roman Shafran, Fr Vitaly Tokar, Fr. Andriy Kuliyevych and Prof. Helmut Pree, who processed the following titles: Title II "Hierarchical structure of the UGCC", Title VI "Clergy", title XIV "Governments, persons, legal acts, administrative acts and recurs" and Title XV "Parishes, parish rectors and parish employees. Chaplain Service".

During the fourth working session, its Chairman, Bishop Mykhailo Bubniy and sister Magdalena Vytvytska, CHSVV, Deputy Chairman of the Patriarchal Commission for monasticism spoke about the activities of this Patriarchal Commission. In presenting their activities, they focused on the events already held and told about the All-Church Pilgrimage of monasticism held in Zaporizhia in February of this year. Special attention was paid to the activities of all monasteries, ranks and congregations during the full-scale war with the Russian Federation.

Vladyka Bohdan Danylo reported on the activities of the Patriarchal Commission for Clergy Affairs, focusing on the needs during the war in Ukraine. Vladyka Bohdan confirmed that the training and formation of seminarians continues in various formats, in accordance with the circumstances and situation of the war. Vladyka Bohdan also informed about the commission's immediate plans. He announced the readiness to translate the latest synodal documents into English and Italian.

Bishop Josaphat Moshchych reported on the Ministry of the Council for Evangelization under the head of the UGCC, which he chairs. The bishop paid special attention to holding a decade of missionary work and implementing new evangelization programs.

The participants of the session of the Permanent Synod discussed in the third reading the regulations on the assistant bishop, which is now necessary for the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. The document was submitted by Fr Andriy Tanasiychuk, Deputy Chairman of the Canonical Department of the Patriarchal Curia of the UGCC.

Patriarchal economist Fr. Lubomyr Yavorsky presented the activities of the UGCC Anti-Crisis Center, which supports those in need during the war.

The patriarchal economist announced the opening of the Patriarchal Foundation "Wise Cause", aimed at transforming Ukrainian society for greater cooperation with civil society.

Bishop Kenneth Novakovsky, chairman of the Pastoral Council of the Patriarchal Curia of the UGCC, spoke about the development and implementation of the pastoral plan for the period up to 2030, which underwent several important transformations after February 24 and the outbreak of war. In this presentation, he was assisted by Fr. Andriy Onuferko.

At the end of the working sessions, Bishop Glib Lonchyna, Chairman of the Patriarchal Liturgical Commission, provided information on the progress of work on the UGCC's Menologion project.

His Beatitude Sviatoslav expressed gratitude to all members of the Permanent Synod for five years of fruitful work in the conditions of Covid and war.

THE DECREES can be viewed here.