Pope Francis calls for the UN reform amid war in Ukraine

17.10.2022, 14:29
World news
Pope Francis calls for the UN reform amid war in Ukraine - фото 1
Pope Francis has declared the need to reform the United Nations.

The pontiff wrote about this in his new book, "I ask you in the name of the Lord. Ten prayers for hope for the future", an excerpt from which was published by the newspaper La Stampa, reports LB.ua citing Deutsche Welle.

The bishop of Rome believes that the war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine "once again more than clearly shows the 'need' for more flexible and effective ways to resolve conflicts."

"In the form in which it has functioned since its foundation, the UN does not comply with the new realities," Pope Francis notes.

The Pope recalled that the UN and its most influential body, the Security Council, were originally created in order to prevent a repeat of the horrors "that humanity experienced in two wars of the XX century."

"The threat is still there, but the world has already changed," the pontiff said.

He called for "structural reforms" that should be aimed at rediscovering the "original vocation" of the International Organization - "to serve the human family."

It is not the first time that the Pope has criticized the UN in connection with Russia's war against Ukraine. On April 6, at a reception at the Vatican, the pontiff noted that the most powerful states in the world are defending their interests "by expanding the zone of economic, ideological and military influence visible in the current war."

According to Pope Francis, after the Second World War, attempts were made to lay the foundations for a new history of the world, but, unfortunately, the old history of rivalry between great powers continued.

"In the current war in Ukraine, we are seeing the impotence of the UN," he said.