Pope's visit to Ukraine postponed for health reasons

12.06.2022, 11:42
Ukraine and world
Pope's visit to Ukraine postponed for health reasons - фото 1
Pope Francis intends to pay an official visit to Ukraine, but the trip has been postponed due to his condition.

According to Glavkom, this was reported by the human rights activist Myroslav Marynovych, who was present at the meeting with the pontiff.

On June 8, Pope Francis received the Ukrainian delegation, and this meeting was unofficial, exclusively public in nature.

During the conversation, much time was spent discussing the feasibility of the Pope's visit to Ukraine. The Holy Father has repeatedly stressed very strongly that he was set to do this. The most important obstacle is knee disease, and doctors strongly forbid him to even think about any trips.

His trip to Congo scheduled for July has already been reconsidered (it is now clear that the meeting has indeed been postponed). But if a trip to Ukraine becomes almost possible, then Pope Francis wants to come to Kyiv and not to the border with Ukraine, as some advise him.