President of Poland thanks pilgrims to Czestochowa for praying for Ukraine

13.07.2022, 14:59
World news
President of Poland thanks pilgrims to Czestochowa for praying for Ukraine - фото 1
Polish President Andrzej Duda attended the annual family pilgrimage of Radio Maria on Jasna Góra in Czestochowa. He thanked the faithful and the radio audience for praying for Ukraine and supporting Ukrainians.

This is reported by Polish Radio.

In Czestochowa, Andrzej Duda has said that prayer builds community and brings relief.

"As the Russian aggression in Ukraine is evolving, I am thankful to you for the daily support of our neighbors, for praying not only for our fatherland but also for praying for Ukraine and for the Ukrainian people, with which, as you know, we have had different relations throughout our history. But prayer is what builds community and what brings reconciliation," Duda said.

The President also stressed that the state is its strong citizens, and the main and most important part of their coexistence and life is the family and Christian values.

"These are trying times. Invasions may be different - military, medial, and ideological in their nature. We are facing this every day. We jointly profess Christian values, and thanks to this we have existed for more than 1050 years as a people, and we understand how much these values weigh, and how great their power is. Therefore, our big task, which your community implements so well, is to protect those values. Thank you for doing this," Duda said.

This year, the participants of the pilgrimage came to Jasna Góra under the slogan "Sent with Mary in peace". Every year, Radio Maria's family pilgrimage is one of the biggest goodbyes in Czestochowa. Tens of thousands of believers take part in it.