Priests of the UOC-MP bless Russian weapons in Crimea "for these are weapons of Truth''

21.06.2020, 10:29
Priests of the UOC MP actively cooperate with the occupiers - фото 1
Priests of the UOC MP actively cooperate with the occupiers
In May and June 2020, the clergy of the UOC-MP continued to actively support the Russian Army in the occupied Crimea.

As before, priests inspire Russian military personnel to serve to the Russian Federation and bless their weapons, "Religion in Ukraine" reports, citing the website of the Crimean Diocese of the UOC-MP.

On May 7, a branch of the Patriot Park was opened in the Yukharina Balka of Sevastopol. The exhibits, which are 17 pieces of equipment, are located on the site on the territory of the 31st Air Defense Division of the Russian Federation. The opening ceremony, which was led by the division commander, Major General Vladimir Kulikov, was attended by Archpriest Stefan Slomchinsky, Assistant Dean of the Sevastopol district of the Crimean Diocese of the UOC-MP. The division's servicemen who had distinguished themselves in the service of Russia, were also awarded.

"There will be a museum of the past years, into which smoothly turns an exhibit of the unit, our air defense unit, in its current state, in the performance of international duty and special tasks," major General Vladimir Kulikov said.

On May 9, the S. Nakhimov Black Sea Order of the "Red Banner" Higher Naval School held the graduation of cadets and a farewell ceremony with the school's battle banner.

The commander of the Black Sea Fleet Vice-the Admiral Igor Osipov, head of the Black Sea Fleet Rear Admiral Alexander Grinkevich, veterans of the Black Sea Fleet, the leadership of Sevastopol greeted the graduates with successful graduation. Archpriest Sergiy Khalyuta of the Sevastopol district of the UOC MP blessed the graduates for the service of Russia: "I wish you the strength of spirit because it is in a strong spirit that you can ascend to God and get improvement in military affairs. Peace and prosperity to you, dear lieutenants."

After the graduation ceremony, the personal weapons of young officers - daggers - were blessed on the parade ground of the school. The prayer service with the consecration was performed by Archpriest Sergiy Khalyuta, Dean of the Sevastopol District, who addressed the young officers of the Russian Federation with a pastoral word: "Today I want to bow to the fathers and mothers who brought up a Russian officer - a valiant Russian Lieutenant of the Russian Navy. Today we have performed a special prayer - the rite of blessing of your weapons, weapons of valor, weapons of courage. When blessing the daggers, we said in prayer to the Lord that this is a weapon that inspires awe, because it is a weapon of truth. Because it is a weapon that protects your fathers and mothers, your people."

Then the daggers were handed to each officer with a word of blessing.

It should be noted that the priests of the Diocese of Simferopol regularly consecrate military equipment of the Russian Federation in the Crimea. In particular, in 2015 they consecrated military equipment in the village of Kacha, in 2017 - the anti-aircraft missile systems, flags of Russian warships, in 2016 - a monument to "polite people" who captured Crimea. "You are not only defenders of Russia's borders - you are defenders of the borders of the entire Orthodox world," Archpriest Sergiy Khalyuta, Dean of the Sevastopol District, encouraged the Russian military.

Also, in May 2020, the 810th separate marine guard brigade of the Russian Federation held a grand opening ceremony for the renovated club and barracks for personnel. The ceremony was attended by the commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, Vice Admiral Igor Osipov. At the meeting, dedicated to this event, the assistant brigade commander for work with the faithful soldiers, Archpriest Sergiy Polivtsev noted that "the joy of the current Easter days increased joy and today's event is a joy of recovery to the full in the spiritual and cultural life of the soldiers of the brigade due to the club part, bringing them to the culture of our ancestors, and together with the brigade Church, and the joy of rebirth of the native faith and national traditions, the priest quotes the site of the Crimean Diocese.
"Today we see the concern of the highest state and military leadership for the soldiers who defend their homeland," said Fr Sergiy and wished the club fruitful work and God's help to the Marines in their service.

In June 2020, the ceremonial formation on the first day of the new training period in the 810th Separate Marine Guard Brigade began with the laying of flowers at the monuments to soldiers who gave their lives for their Homeland in war and peace. At a rally dedicated to this event, the Deputy Commander of the Black Sea Fleet from the military and political work of the Russian Federation, 1st rank captain Andrey Paliy, read a welcome speech from the commander of the Black Sea Fleet of Marines. The meeting was attended by a representative of the veterans of the marine corps, soldiers of the brigade and its commander, as well as the assistant commander of the brigade for working with the faithful military Archpriest Sergiy Polivtsev. He read a prayer before the start of any good deed and blessed the Marines for combat training and military labor in the new academic year with God's help, the website of the Crimean Diocese reports.

In June, the rector of the Church of St. Andrew the first-called of the UOC-MP in the village of Kacha congratulated the servicemen of the 318th Mixed Aviation Regiment of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation on the beginning of a new training period. He urged to overcome difficulties with patience, citing folk wisdom: "Hard in training, easy in battle." Before this, on April 20, Archpriest Sergiy Polivtsev, assistant commander of the brigade for work with religious servicemen, said the Easter greeting "Christ is Risen!" and walked around the barracks and the equipment Park of the Russian Marines, sprinkling them with holy water and making the sign of the cross.