Primate of the OCU: I am on the list of persons posing a threat to Russians

13 April, 09:43
Primate of the OCU: I am on the list of persons posing a threat to Russians - фото 1
In the first days of the attack on Kyiv, Russian saboteurs tried to attack the residence of the Primate of the OCU in St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery.

Metropolitan Epifaniy told about this in an interview with

"As far as I know from various foreign and our intelligence data, I was put on a certain list of those who pose a threat to the Russians. But no matter what, I have no fear," he said.

"In the first days, it was very dangerous when the so-called sabotage groups were working. They even, during the first three nights, tried to attack the St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery, my residence, but thanks to our servicemen, our guards, this attack was repelled, and during these days, for more than 40 days that the war has been going on, I am in our spiritual center of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine-St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery," the first hierarch added.

The Primate of the OCU stressed that this monastery is extremely important for Ukraine and the people.

"This monastery has played a decisive role in the recent era of our history. Since the Orange Revolution, the Revolution of Dignity, as you know, and now this monastery is such a spiritual symbol of the revival of our church and our Ukrainian state in general. It has a glorious history - about a thousand years - and has experienced a lot. The central church was destroyed. The monastery did not function in Soviet times but was revived and restored. In our modern times, it plays a very important role - the spiritual center, so I, as the primate, am on the spot, fully fulfill my duties as the Primate, visit our military personnel, city leaders, constantly offer daily prayers and am convinced that the Lord hears them and fulfills them for good, and this common prayer of ours will certainly lead us to complete victory. And so, when there is the slightest opportunity to visit my flock where they are currently suffering, I do it," Metropolitan Epifaniy stressed.