"Psalm 90 was ever on our lips," - a refugee from Mariupol shares the story of her rescue

01.04.2022, 11:08
"Psalm 90 was ever on our lips," - a refugee from Mariupol shares the story of her rescue - фото 1
Oksana Serdyuk from Mariupol, who together with her son miraculously escaped from the city, is confident that the Lord helped them in this, because the prayer did not leave their mouths.

The story of the refugee's rescue was shared by "Poklyk".

"On March 3, 2022, we miraculously left Mariupol under fire. Before that, we sat in the basement for several days, and Psalm 90 did not leave our lips. We called on the angels to repel enemy attacks and stand as a wall of fire around us and the basement where we were.

Once, we were covered with “Grads” four times, and we were already preparing for death, but they just miraculously flew over our basement and exploded very close. My son said,” Mommy, let's say the prayer of repentance," and we prayed.

And the next morning, we heard someone calling out to us. It was our friend who broke through the shelling to pick us up. We couldn't believe it when we saw it. We grabbed what we could and left.

We prayed all the way and again called on the angels to accompany us and recited Psalm 90. We kept on praying…

When we arrived at a safe place, the son said: “Mom, this is a miracle. God has performed so many miracles in our lives!” And I wept.

A day later, we found out that a bomb had hit the garage where we were hiding after we left. The Lord has performed a miracle for us. He rescued us and cared about us through people who never knew us. We still have relatives in Mariupol, and we haven't known anything about them for two weeks now. But we believe that God will keep them because the only hope is in Him!"