Religious scholar criticizes Serbian Church for its stance regarding Patriarch Bartholomew and autocephaly of the OCU

03 March, 19:10
Religious scholar criticizes Serbian Church for its stance regarding Patriarch Bartholomew and autocephaly of the OCU - фото 1
The Serbian Patriarchate does not comply with all the canons. Still, at the same time, it makes attempts to accuse the Ecumenical Patriarch of non-compliance with them, because of granting autocephaly to the OCU. This is a deliberate simplification and primitivization of the situation around orthodoxy in Ukraine.

Religious scholar Tetiana Derkach wrote about this on her Facebook page.

She noted that defending the position of the Russian Orthodox Church the spokesmen of local churches are trying to impose on believers the erroneous opinion that the canons are an analog of the Decalogue drawn by the Lord on stone tablets. "Ordinary believers do not even know the entire code of canon law and the degree of its application in the current life of the church. Speakers of local churches know this, and they deliberately simplify and even primitivize the situation."

"And it turns out that when a dispute begins about which canons to apply in the Ukrainian case, local churches do not explore arguments and counterarguments cumulatively, but choose the interpretation of only one biased side," the religious expert stressed. "And for the plebs, they also simplify it to a primitive scheme."

Tetiana Derkach drew attention to the fact that even the technology of electing the Serbian Patriarch, which seems to be spelled out in the Charter of the Russian Orthodox church, caused serious disputes between Metropolitans. "And this is not a canon law, but just a charter."

"The Russian Orthodox Church has set up a canonical and theological commission on Ukraine? No, why? After all, "our (Serbian) self-consciousness is intertwined with the Russian people." Here is the last coin thrown on the scale of the canonical decision of the SEC. Did you set a canonical Commission? And show her conclusions. And in response, silence. Shame on you, fellow patriarchs. All these boomerangs can return to those who sent them," the religious scholar commented.

As RISU has previously reported, in his first television interview for the Serbian national television RTS, Patriarch Porfiry of Serbia said that "the actions of the Patriarchate of Constantinople in relation to Ukraine do not correspond to church tradition."