RISU Launches Campaign Against Dognal Sect

14.08.2012, 10:16
Religious Information Service of Ukraine invites readers to participate in a campaign “Send Dognal Home.”

The Religious Information Service of Ukraine (RISU) invites its readers to participate in a campain “Send Dognal Home.”

We invite readers to send their suggestions, thoughts, ideas of what can be done by legal means to make Antonin Dognal return to the Czech Republic where he came from. We will try to pass your recommendations to people who can realize them.

As we know, the former Catholic priest Antonin Dognal stays in Ukraine illegally and his religious group is not registered by the state. However, despite such “trifles,” he remains free to stir up people, behave like a hooligan, engage in public activity, organize pickets of the authorities, sue journalists. Dognal and his adherents spread their views probably in all Ukrainian religious communities. They are active among Greek Catholics, Roman Catholics, Orthodox, Protestants. They break in families and sow tears and despair there. Any other European state would have deported Dognal a long time ago. However, the Ukrainian authorities are silent and are taking no adequate measures with respect to the religious extremists as if nothing happened.

The Religious Information Service of Ukraine hopes that our readers include many creative people who have original ideas and know how to stop the destructive activity of the mentioned religious group and to deport its leader home. For the solutions to even the most complicated problems often are on the surface unnoticed by anyone.

RISU promises to publish and distinguish the most original proposals received as part of the campaign “Send Dognal Home.” Send your ideas to [email protected]