Russian Church priest detained for selling homemade weapons in the Lviv region

11.06.2021, 12:49
Russian Church priest detained for selling homemade weapons in the Lviv region - фото 1
A 49-year-old clergyman of the Russian True Orthodox Church was detained in the Lviv region for arms trafficking. The man bought traumatic weapons, converted them into firearms and sold them by sending orders via mail.

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The priest was detained by Volyn police after the evidentiary purchase of weapons. This is the third detention of a clergyman for the past three years and so far he has managed to avoid criminal liability.

The press service of the National Police of Volyn reported on the detention of the man on Thursday, June 9. As it turned out, a few months ago Volyn operatives received information that a resident of the Lviv region sells reconditioned weapons and ammunition.

"The search for the attacker was delayed, as the man did not give his own contacts for a long time. However, later the identity was established. According to the Volyn police, the seller of weapons turned out to be a 47-year-old [in fact-49-year-old] clergyman of one of the villages in the Lviv region. Law enforcement officers conducted an undercover purchase, and later detained the attacker," the Volyn police said in a statement.

At the man's place of residence, documents confirming his involvement in illegal activities, technical devices, pistols and ammunition were seized.

The Volyn police noted that the man had previously been detained for similar offenses, but did not specify the details. Lviv police also declined to comment.

The detainee for arms trafficking is 49-year-old Vyacheslav Konovalov from the village of Bortyatin, Motysky district. Previously, he has already been detained twice however, after the first time they were released from responsibility by awarding a suspended sentence, and the second case is still being considered in court.

Illegal handling of weapons is punishable with up to seven years in prison.