"Russian Orthodox Church no longer exists in Russia as an institution," - Russian opposition figure

07.12.2023, 19:05
"Russian Orthodox Church no longer exists in Russia as an institution," - Russian opposition figure - фото 1
In countries with dictatorial regimes, religion transforms into a tool: a means and method of propaganda. This is what happened to the Orthodox Church in Russia.

This opinion was expressed by Russian opposition politician Gennady Gudkov on the FREEДОМ television channel.

"It turns out that Christianity can now, in the 21st century, be adapted for killings, pogroms, torture... Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev has handled excellently this abhorrent, immoral, absolutely immoral task. I can't bring myself to call him by other titles, names, surnames, although we know that now everything is different for him. Gundyaev is the main destroyer of the church. He is an absolute follower of Putin. He is a component of a criminal, cruel, criminal system that destroys people," believes the guest on the show.

According to Gudkov, the actions of Patriarch Kirill led to the fact that the Russian Orthodox Church in Russia has ceased to exist as an institution.

"There are believers still, and their faith in God remains... But as an institution, the Russian Orthodox Church in Russia is destroyed. This organization directs people towards killing. Although there is a commandment, 'thou shalt not kill'—one of the first ones. 'Thou shalt not steal' is also there. However, the church now supports everyone who kills, steals, and so on. Essentially, the church is destroyed as an institution, I emphasize. And this is the full responsibility of Gundyaev and all those who support him," said Gennady Gudkov.

Additionally, as stated on FREEДОМ by political analyst and chief editor of the After Empire portal, Olga Kurnosova, during Putin's rule, the Russian Orthodox Church returned to its Soviet version when it also preached the ideas of the Kremlin.