Russians destroyed 133 religious buildings - Ministry of Culture

29.05.2022, 10:26
Russians destroyed 133 religious buildings - Ministry of Culture - фото 1
The Ministry of Culture and Information Policy continues to record the facts of damage to religious buildings by Russians.

This is reported by the website of the Ministry.

The criminal actions of the occupiers led to the destruction or destruction of 133 such religious buildings, of which 49 are registered as monuments of history, architecture and urban planning. These are Orthodox and Catholic churches, Protestant houses of worship, mosques and synagogues.

Currently, Russians have destroyed 42 memorial monuments in honor of historical figures and events of the XIX – early XXI centuries, 29 buildings and complexes of museums and nature reserves, 74 buildings of cultural centers, theaters and libraries, and some other objects of valuable historical development have been damaged in Ukraine.

As of May 27, 2022, 367 crimes of Russians against Ukrainian cultural heritage were documented.

The destruction of cultural heritage is a war crime under the 1954 Hague Convention.

"Information about the crimes of Russians on the territory of Ukraine continues to come. The Ministry experts are checking and systematizing the data obtained to publish them on a special website - We urge you to join this process while keeping in mind your personal safety," the Ministry of Culture notes.