Russians destroyed the humanitarian aid warehouse 'Caritas-Spes Ukraine' in Lviv

19.09.2023, 12:03
Russians destroyed the humanitarian aid warehouse 'Caritas-Spes Ukraine' in Lviv - фото 1
During the night from Monday to Tuesday, September 19, the occupiers attacked Lviv with drones. As a result of the airstrike, three warehouse buildings were destroyed. Among them was the humanitarian aid warehouse 'Caritas-Spes Ukraine.' The mission's staff is safe, but the warehouse and everything in it burned to the ground.

This was reported by CREDO.

"We will be able to calculate the final details of the losses later; for now, special services are working at the scene. It is already known that 33 pallets of food sets 'Pachka for Ukraine,' 10 pallets of hygiene and canned goods sets, and 10 pallets of generators and clothing were destroyed.

In total, about 300 tons of humanitarian cargo were burned in the warehouse. The humanitarian transport was able to be saved," the statement said.

This is not the first time that Russia has attacked humanitarian warehouses in Ukraine. It is difficult to count all attacks on humanitarian warehouses due to the confidentiality of information, but from media reports, in May of this year, warehouses of two humanitarian organizations in Odesa and Ternopil were destroyed.