St. Sofia of Kyiv presented the results of a 15-year study of church graffiti

30.05.2021, 11:03
St. Sofia of Kyiv presented the results of a 15-year study of church graffiti - фото 1
On May 28, the National Reserve "St. Sofia of Kyiv" hosted a presentation of the multi-volume scientific publication of historian Vyacheslav Kornienko titled "Collection of Graffiti of St. Sofia of Kyiv", the last (tenth) part of which was published in 2020.

This is reported by Radio Svoboda.

During the presentation, those Present could not only flip through the pages of books – the results of the researcher's 15-year work, but also directly communicate with their author and other project participants, learn about how the idea of publishing a full collection of graffiti of St. Sophia of Kyiv actually appeared, with which inscription large-scale studies of the cathedral's epigraphic monuments began.

And after the presentation, a small tour of Vyacheslav Kornienko took place, where he showed some epigraphic secrets left by our ancestors on the walls of the thousand-year-old shrine.

In the Kyivan state, in Ukraine-Rus, in addition to the written Church Slavonic language, there was a colloquial language close to the modern Ukrainian language.

St. Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv is a monument of Ukrainian architecture and a record of monumental painting dating back to the time of Ukraine-Rus (1011). One of the most important Christian shrines in Eastern Europe, the historical center of the Kyiv Archdiocese. St. Sophia Monastery Estate is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.