The chaplain of the OCU, who was saving the military on Snake Island, was awarded an order

29.08.2022, 10:55
The chaplain of the OCU, who was saving the military on Snake Island, was awarded an order - фото 1
President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky awarded the order of merit of the third degree to OCU chaplain Vasyl Vyrozub, rector of the Holy Trinity Church in Odessa, who saved the military on the island Zmeiny (Snake Island).

This is stated in Presidential Decree No.593/2022.

The award was presented for "significant achievements in strengthening Ukrainian statehood, courage and dedication shown in protecting Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity, significant personal contribution to the development of various spheres of public life, defending the national interests of our state, conscientious performance of professional duty".

Father Vasyl Vyrozub was among those who went on the search and rescue ship “Saphir” to the island Zmeiny to collect the bodies of Ukrainian defenders. Then it was believed that the border guards who indicated the direction of the “Russian warship” were killed. However, the enemies did not allow us to get to the island at that point. The Russians put the Odessa chaplain in a punishment cell.

He stayed in the enemy's captivity for 70 days. During this time, he was interrogated several times a day. They were interested in why they decided to take the bodies from Zmeiny, which branch of the SBU they work for, and whether they participate in the “Azov” and “Right Sector”. They exerted psychological pressure, but the real torture began in the filtration camp of the Belgorod region and then in the pre-trial detention center. Dog baiting, and beating with batons and stun guns were the favorite tortures of Russians, the clergyman recalls.

According to the Spiritual Front website, father Vasyl has returned to his work in the church. The clergymen also help those whose loved ones are still in captivity.