The community of the village whose priest greeted Putin changes jurisdiction to the OCU

10.08.2020, 09:16
The community decided to leave the Moscow Patriarchate - фото 1
The community decided to leave the Moscow Patriarchate
On the morning of August 9, a meeting was held in the village of Halynivka, Volodymyr-Volynskyi district, where they decided whether to transfer the religious community to the OCU.

According to the villagers, this decision was supported by the majority of residents, especially after the news that the rector of the local Church, Fr Oleksiy Sharan of the UOC-MP, congratulated Putin on his name-day on Facebook.

This was reported by the media outlet Bug.

To date, Fr Sharan has already become the former rector of the Church - Fr Yuriy from the Diocese of Volodymyr-Volyn of the UOC, was sent to serve temporarily in Halynivka instead of him.

He also performed divine Services in the Church on August 9 with the parishioners of the UOC at a time when the meetings of villagers were held in front of the Church.

At a meeting of villagers beside the temple, they unanimously decided to join the OCU and collected about 60 votes. In the Church, the service was not completed for a long time, so the supporters of the transition asked Fr Serhiy Misan, who arrived at the site from the diocese of the OCU, to hold a service outdoors. Prayers were read in Ukrainian in the churchyard.

By the way, the event attracted a lot of media representatives. At first, they could not enter the church – its doors were closed.

Later, they managed to get into the temple - about 15 parishioners of the UOC-MP had been staying inside and dispersed after the service.

Supporters of the OCU commented for the media that the church belongs to the community that had built it by joint effort, everyone made their contribution.

Fr Yuriy, who was sent to serve in the village from the diocese of the UOC-MP, said: “What would you do if someone came to your place and said: the community decided to give your home to other people."

When asked if people know where Fr Sharan is today, they heard that he probably "left here".

A large number of police officers attended the meeting, there were no conflicts between people.

As a result of the meeting, the community decided to change jurisdiction for the OCU. Subsequently, they must produce all the necessary documents for the registration of a religious community.

However, they will probably hold services in front of the church, because the keys to the church were taken away by supporters of the UOC-MP.