The expert explained the prerequisite for the OCU to receive the status of a Patriarchate

12.04.2021, 16:03
Religious scholar Dmytro Horyevoy in the TV program "Detector. Religions" on the YouTube channel DetectorUA emphasized that the status of Patriarchate is granted only to those churches where Orthodoxy is practiced by the titular nation.

"Therefore, Ukrainians have a chance to join the Patriarchate. However, to do this, the Church must unite, be united, and only then can the issue of the Patriarchate be raised," Dmytro Horyevoy stressed.

He cited such successful examples in the history of the patriarchates of Orthodox Churches: "Romanians received the Patriarchate when they united the divided Romanian churches of Wallachia, Moldova, Transylvania and Bessarabia into one structure. The Serbs received the Patriarchate when the Belgrade archdiocese and the Karlovac Patriarchate merged, and the autocephalous Montenegrin archdiocese and the Diocese of Ohrid of the Patriarchate of Constantinople were absorbed. The Georgian Church received patriarchal rank when the Mtskheta and Abkhazian catholicates United."