The Head of the UGCC congratulated Bishop Venedykt Aleksiychuk on his 55th birthday

16 January, 13:06
The Head of the UGCC congratulated Bishop Venedykt Aleksiychuk on his 55th birthday - фото 1
The Head of the UGCC Sviatoslav, personally and on behalf of the Synod of bishops of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, congratulated Bishop Venedykt Aleksiychuk on the 55th anniversary of the birth of the ruling Bishop of the Diocese of Chicago.

This is reported by the Department of Information of the UGCC.

"On this day, it is worth prayerfully remembering all those who were on your life path and gave you a good example of faith, first of all, the parents who gave life and gave love to God, then the Abbots, confessors of the monastery of the Studite fathers, to which you, already being a priest, joined in 1993," the congratulatory letter says.

In his congratulatory message, the Patriarch highly appreciates the sacred life of Bishop Venedykt, which he devoted to the restoration and development of studite monasticism.

"Your example of a man of prayer and deep faith inspired thousands of pilgrims who visited our Holy Dormition Univ Lavra, where many restoration works were carried out during your service as abbot. We appreciate your service in parishes in Polotsk, Vitebsk, Mogilev, Gomel, and Brest and as a confessor of the Christian youth community in Minsk," the head of the UGCC said.

"This profound pastoral experience has helped you, as bishop of our church, to serve the faithful better. First, it was the Lviv archdiocese, and now it is the Diocese of St. Nicholas in the vast expanses of the United States, where the faithful of our church are devoted to your spiritual care and guidance.

We highly appreciate your long-term service for the Patriarchal Curia, and especially your work as chairman of the Liturgical Commission of the UGCC," the message of greetings reads.