The Interfaith working group is developing a manual on responding to domestic violence

29.10.2021, 16:00
The Interfaith working group is developing a manual on responding to domestic violence - фото 1
The Interfaith working group is finalizing a domestic violence response manual designed to help priests and other representatives of religious organizations.

The extended meeting of the Working Group on October 25 was attended by specialized specialists – a psychologist, a lawyer, a representative of the National Police of Ukraine. Consultations on certain sections of the manual will also be held with the Ministry of social policy of Ukraine, IRS reports.

The manual provides a general description of the problem of domestic violence, its types, causes and consequences. A methodology for assessing cases, interviewing victims and providing them with priority assistance, pastoral care and attracting additional specialists is also proposed.

In addition, the publication will contain memos on the algorithm of actions in crisis situations, which can be distributed in religious communities and among secular people who seek help from priests and other church servants.

The manual aims to strengthen the practical dimension of the Interfaith Stop Violence Initiative (, established in 2020, and make the efforts of churches in the field of countering domestic violence more effective and professional.

The Interfaith working group on countering domestic violence that developed the manual includes representatives of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, the Roman Catholic Church in Ukraine, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, the Ukrainian Church of evangelical Christians, the All-Ukrainian Union of Evangelical Christian Baptist Churches, the seventh-day Adventist Church in Ukraine, the Ukrainian Christian evangelical church, the Association of Jewish religious organizations of Ukraine and the spiritual administration of Muslims of Ukraine.

The Institute of Religious Freedom implements the project "Strengthening the ability of churches to counter domestic violence in Ukraine, especially against women" supported by the Canadian Foundation for Local initiatives.