The OCU debunked the fake about the "victory of the MP" over Bartholomew

27.08.2021, 13:46
The OCU debunked the fake about the "victory of the MP" over Bartholomew - фото 1
Archbishop Yevstratiy (Zorya) responded to the accusations of the UOC-MP that Patriarch Bartholomew was allegedly not allowed to visit St. Sophia of Kyiv for prayer, because this was the ultimatum of the UOC-MP.

"Prayer in Sofia is not a state event, but an event of the All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and religious organizations. Not the Office, the government or anyone else invites religious figures to this event, but the AUCCRO invites statesmen. Undoubtedly, by coordinating the details with the invitees. Just like last year, the agreed format of the event provided for the presence of only the president and his wife. The presence of not only foreign guests but also other socialites was not provided for", the OCU spokesman emphasized and added:

"Perhaps the MP needs, against the background of the total failure with the "round dances of protest", at least something to "show as success" to its audience. That's why a fake story was launched through Metropolitan Anthony Pakanych about some alleged "non-admission" because the MP demanded so."

According to the OCU spokesman, unlike Metropolitan Onufriy, "who read the text of congratulations, and did not pray, Patriarch Bartholomew and thousands of believers from all over Ukraine prayed for her in Sofia on Sunday. The patriarch also met very warmly with the members of the AUCCRO (except for the MP, of course, because they did not come) on Monday, and also planted trees in memory of the incident."

The OCU debunked the fake about the 'victory of the MP' over Bartholomew - фото 78042


Archbishop Yevstratiy also added that on Tuesday morning, when members of the AUCCRO together with the president were praying for Ukraine in St. Sofia of Kyiv, Patriarch Bartholomew met with Prime Minister Shmygal.

"In the busy schedule of the head of government, who has held dozens of meetings over the past few days, this turned out to be the only possible "window" that coincided with the Patriarch's schedule," the Archbishop of the OCU emphasized.