The Primate of the OCU calls on monks of the Kyiv Pechersk Lavra to unite

15 March, 10:48
The Primate of the OCU calls on monks of the Kyiv Pechersk Lavra to unite - фото 1
Metropolitan Epifaniy called for unity between Orthodox brothers and the rejection of hatred.

According to the website of the OCU, in his statement issued on the day of remembrance of St. Titus, the Metropolitan said:

"For a long time, the devil has sowed division and hatred between Orthodox brothers and sisters. Even now, despite the clear evidence of the Satanic deeds of the Russian Evil Empire, there are still those who stubbornly cling to the hatred of their brothers and sisters generated by Moscow's decisions, rejecting us as Evagrius the deacon rejected Titus. But we do not give up hope for reconciliation and are open to our brothers and sisters in Christ, wanting to build together a single local Orthodox Church of Ukraine, as determined by the decisions of the Council in St Sophia and for which we have the blessing certified by the Tomos of Our Mother Church."

Therefore, on this day of spiritual celebration, I call upon the Fathers of the Caves for their help and blessings, and as the Holy Archimandrite of this monastery, I urge all brethren to unite (with us). Let us imitate Titus, not Evagrius, and thus inherit the blessings, just as the monk did.

Some "modern-day Evagriuses," are spreading false claims that the Ukrainian state's decision regarding the Moscow Patriarchate's monastery is an act of persecution against the Church, or that it involves the expulsion of monks from the monastery. This is yet another falsehood that has been repeatedly voiced in recent times.

Let me be clear: the Orthodox Monastery of the Caves, the Great Lavra of our Venerable Fathers Anthony and Theodosius, still stands within these walls and will continue to thrive.

It is only the spirit of bitterness, the spirit of service to the Russian World, and the haughty spirit of Evagrius that must depart from here.

Only then will the Monastery of Caves be renewed, free from unworthy and tempting behaviors of its temporary leaders, and not be a subject of human gossip. Rather, it will be glorified through the acts of faith and piety, and the lights of such deeds will multiply in our time, as they did in ancient times.

May the Lord, through the prayers of Our Venerable Fathers of the Caves, arrange everything for the good in their monastery. May He grant unity and strength to the Ukrainian Church, and may our Ukraine achieve an early victory and a just peace."