"The Russian religious and state machine is doomed" - Cyril Hovorun

11.06.2022, 17:11
Ukraine and world
"The Russian religious and state machine is doomed" - Cyril Hovorun - фото 1
It is the Ukrainian Army that, though its victory over Russia, will launch not only the transformation of the Russian Church and state, but also detotalitarization in the entire post-Soviet space.

Archmandrite Cyril Hovorun told about this to Obozrevatel.

When asked how much time, in his estimate, the Russian religious and state machine might survive, Govorun noted that it was doomed. “I think that it will not survive in the status quo. We will be talking about some other Church,” he stressed.

The Archimandrite considers the AFU to be the main driving force behind the inevitable purification process.

“It all depends on the Armed Forces of Ukraine, it's just simple. They will win, and this will catalyze the purification process. Because we are not talking about deconstruction, we are talking about cleaning up both the Russian Orthodox Church and Russian society itself,” Hovorun believes.

The archpriest believes that by winning, Ukraine will launch powerful processes of destroying totalitarianism throughout the post-Soviet space.

“I am sure that it will not be limited to the victory of Ukraine alone. Ukraine's victory will mean a broader impact on the entire post-Soviet space. We can then hope that both Belarus and Belarusian society will be de-calibrated. They will be transformed for the better, turn into a democracy, which is Ukraine, and this, of course, will affect the Church. But Everything depends on the success of the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” Hovorun said.