Theology Portal Launched

15.09.2010, 12:33
Theology Portal Launched - фото 1
On the first day of the liturgical year for the Eastern Christian calendar, 14 September, a new website - a theological portal (, has been launched. It is the joint project of theologians of various Christian denominations.

"Ukraine has published books and theological journals, dissertations and master's theses. There are many theological forums, conferences and seminars. But the formation of modern academic theological discourse in Ukraine is incomplete; we need a holistic approach. " So said Yuriy Chornomorets, chief editor of the portal Theology.

In his view, the existence of a coherent and contemporary theological discourse in Ukraine is a primarily important task. The Theology portal includes scholars from different denominations, which, as noted by Chornomorets, will ensure an interdenominational and academic approach to work.

The aim of the new portal is to promote "the development of full academic theological discourse in Ukraine, stimulating the development and further maturity of Ukrainian theological thinking and a leadership position in global theological thought."

"We are forming the editorial board, to which we are inviting prominent theologians, historians, and philosophers to help us create a high-quality and useful web product,” he noted.