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There is no point in running away!

11.08.2021, 15:10
There is no point in running away! - фото 1
Until we look our fears in the eye and step into them, trying to realize what is next. Everything will be in darkness and obscurity!

The question of escape from problems or solving any issue is relevant at all times. Someone drowns out problems of various kinds of addictions, and someone, and consciously running away from the thought of them, simply focusing on the lives of others, he begins to correct everything and everywhere to his own sense.

In every era, a person has had many different challenges, and it makes no sense to say that someone had a better or easier life. At the same time, despite the fact that today all the delights of modern civilization are available to a resident of the 21st century, he still finds ways to deprive himself of life, because at some point, he ceases to see meaning in it.

Whichever aspect of life we ​​take for consideration, everyone has pitfalls. Living in a family, society and the world, we are involuntarily involved in the life of a certain group and subculture. Therefore, we either agree with the rules and follow them, or do not accept, and in every possible way avoid responsibility, doing what we need with someone else's hands, without getting into the light of the spotlights. But there are also creative daredevils who make their own way in the desert. At the same time, not always agreeing with the generally accepted rules of the game, but also not violating them!

Run, do not run, but it is only a matter of time before we still have to face various difficulties and questions. From childhood until death, a person is immersed in the whirlpool of life, which throws surprises at him every day. Sometimes, a person creates such a situation around himself that makes the whole world hostile towards himself, even without knowing it.

The theme of escape "from" and chasing "after" something is so deep that it seems simply impossible to grasp it and get to the bottom of it. But, the main idea is that you need to learn to be honest with yourself first of all. Asking yourself questions - to answer them clearly and specifically, without any "I don't know", "I don't remember", "maybe" or "possible." Only by admitting to yourself honestly, you can achieve progress and results.

We will not be able to run away forever, someday we will get tired, weaken and give up in hopelessness to change something. No employment can be a cover for unresolved issues and problems between parents and children, spouses, at work, and in general in all spheres of life.

Until we look our fears in the eye and step into them, trying to realize what is next. Everything will be in darkness and obscurity.

It's time to turn around and run towards our Goliath! Perhaps he is not as big and scary as it seems at first glance. Most likely, just in the process of moving towards him, a decision will come and a strategy will be discovered on how to win the long-awaited victory that awaits us beyond the unknown!

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