Three Catholic priests disappeared in Crimea

16.03.2014, 17:48
Three Catholic priests disappeared in Crimea - фото 1

Today , about 14.00, UGCC priest in Sevastopol Mykola Kvych disappeared again. He was kidnapped and released yesterday after several hours. The last thing he was able to say: "If I do not get in touch , then let people know my appartment on Khrustalova is attacked. It's the police and pro-Russian " self-defense". They are many. many. I have metal doors, but I do not know how long they can resisr. " Now both cell-phones of fr. Mykola are switched off, even if during yesterday's arrest and the search of the apartment, his phones were on.

"Today , about 12.00, I spoke with Fr. Mykola. He said that he would have an interview with Finnish journalists. They could be in his apartment during attack, "- said Fr. Ihor Yatsiv , Head of the Information Department of the UGCC.

RISU correspondent talked to him at 1 p.m. and he told that his appartment is attacked and there are journalists with him.

Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church parishioners from Evpatoria reported that their priest Bogdan Kostecki also disappeared. Yesterday he returned from Ternopil , where he was evacuating his family. On Saturday, at 22.00, he told his wife that he has reached the Crimea , and then disappeared. Phones of fr. Bogdan are also switched off.

Another Crimean priest fr. Ihor Havryliv disappeared too. According to preliminary information, he was in a car together with Fr. Bogdan Kostecki.

о. Микола Квич та о. Ігор Гаврилів