Three UGCC priest in Crimea are found. The are safe

16.03.2014, 21:33

Ukrainian Greek Catholic priests reported missing in Crimea today are alive and safe. RISU corresponded spoke with fr. Mykola Kvych, pastors of the UGCC in Sevastopol. He is safe and his parishioners helped him to leave the Crimea, and now he is on the mainland Ukraine. As we reported earlier Crimean self-defense units were trying to attack him when he was giving an interview to Finnish journalists

"At the door of the apartment where I live, today there were several unknown individuals who continually over long periods of time rang a bell and were trying to break the door. When they are gone, I left the building with my parishioners. I took only the Eucharistic set (chalice and paten) and documents ", - said Fr. Mykola.

Fr. Kvych also said that he spoke to Fr. Igor Havryliv, pastor in Yalta, who said that he and Fr. Bogdan Kostecki, who serves in Yevpatoria, now in a safe place. He didn't mention where exactly.