UGCC plans the beatification process for Patriarch Lubomyr Husar, - His Beatitude Sviatoslav

22.12.2023, 18:40
UGCC plans the beatification process for Patriarch Lubomyr Husar, - His Beatitude Sviatoslav - фото 1
The head of the UGCC, Patriarch Sviatoslav, announced that the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church intends to commence the beatification process of Patriarch Lubomyr Husar at an appropriate time. He urged people to report prayer requests heard due to his intercession.

This statement was made in Kyiv on December 19 during the presentation of the book "Kobzar of Independent Ukraine: Sviatoslav on Blessed Lubomyr", according to the Information Department of of the UGCC.

Sviatoslav explained that the UGCC has established the Foundation of Blessed Lubomyr, a community dedicated to preserving and gathering every aspect that embodies the greatness of Lubomyr's character. He thanked the members of the foundation's supervisory board and noted that at the crypt of the Patriarchal Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ in Kyiv, near Lubomyr's grave, there is a book where people record their prayers, requests, or even gratitude for answered prayers. He mentioned the origin of this book during the funeral services when people queued for hours to bid farewell. Since then, several such books had been filled with testimonies.

The head of the UGCC explained that these testimonies and the memory of a person are signs of this person’s sanctity. He added that according to church laws when five years pass after the decease of a righteous person and their veneration does not fade, there is a reason to officially initiate the beatification process. "And we intend to do so," said Sviatoslav.

"Don't leave Blessed Lubomyr alone in the crypt! He remains ready to change your life, just as he did in meetings when he lived among us. I ask you to inform us about the graces received: this will be grounds to advance the beatification process. I believe that one day our Church, our people, will have one more saint. Let's not interrupt that personal connection with Blessed Lubomyr, who today intercedes in heaven for us, for our Church, our people, and each of us individually," he urged.