“Ukraine is at war with an aggressor, just like during World War II,” - the head of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine

09 May, 11:06
“Ukraine is at war with an aggressor, just like during World War II,” - the head of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine - фото 1
The Days of Remembrance and Reconciliation are an occasion for us to remind ourselves once again that we can never reconcile ourselves with evil! And that some people learn the lessons of history "in their own way", growing in their own impunity, self-glorification, fanaticism, hatred, prejudice, and superiority over other nations. That some, contrary to the whole world that prays "Never Again," threaten: "We can repeat" and carry out their threats in the most insidious, cruel way.

Metropolitan wrote about it on his Facebook page.

"On May 8, together with the European community, honoring the memory of everyone who fought against Nazism, all victims of World War II, we also honor those who became victims of the policy of modern Nazism - racism. Because the ideologists and followers of the "Russian world" - whether it be the Kremlin tyrant, his henchmen, or his servants in military uniforms, costumes, or even religious attire - try to justify their evil deeds with blatant lies, distortion of Christian values. They repeat the rhetoric of Nazism, which once sought justification for its own crimes in a similar way. But there will be no justification for them! Because crimes against humanity have neither excuses nor statutes of limitations.

Today, as during World War II, Ukraine is at war with an aggressor, with a neo-imperial, totalitarian dictatorship that inherits the worst practices of the past, embodying the inhumane ideas of fascism and Nazism. It is Russia that has destroyed peace and undermined security in the territories of all of Europe. So today, we honor the memory of those who died in the war, and those who bravely fought against inhumane ideologies.

We remember - because without the truth about the past, there will be no future. We defend unbreakably both Ukraine and all of Europe because we know how to value peace, and we know its high price very well. Eternal memory to the victims of the war," wrote the head of the OCU.