Ukraine rises by 4 positions in Global Prosperity Index, religious tolerance also increases

17.11.2020, 12:50
Ukraine and world
Ukraine ranks 92nd in the Legatum Prosperity Index in 2020. Although we have risen by four positions compared to last year, this is the worst indicator among the countries of Eastern Europe.

This is stated in the report of Legatum Institute, Hromadske has reported.

In total, analysts evaluated 167 countries. They studied the level of security, personal freedom, social capital, investment environment, living conditions, health care system, education, environmental status etc.
Experts note that Ukraine has the worst situation with security. This is due to the war in Donbas. Ukraine also experiences serious issues with the investment environment, healthcare system and the environment.

At the same time, tolerance to various religious groups has increased compared to last year. The highest scores were given to Ukraine for the education and management systems, as well as for living conditions.

In the overall ranking, Ukraine is placed between Kyrgyzstan and Guyana (South America), which are ranked 90th and 91st, respectively, and El Salvador and Turkey (93rd and 94th, respectively). Russia is ranked 76th in the rating.

The best places in the Legatum Prosperity Index are occupied by Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden and Finland. South Sudan has the last place.

The organization reports that the well-being indicator of all countries this year was significantly affected by the pandemic. However, even so, almost all countries have progressed in most of the rating indicators over the past few years.

It should be noted that in 2019, Ukraine ranked 96th in the Legatum Prosperity Index out of 167 countries. Then the highest rating was obtained for the field of education and living conditions.

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