Ukrainian Council of Churches opposes legalization of “same-sex marriage” in Ukraine

Ukrainian Council of Churches opposes legalization of “same-sex marriage” in Ukraine - фото 1
Religious communities are outraged by draft law No. 9103, which proposes to equate registered partnerships with marriage, calling them a “family union” by changing the current provisions of the Family Code of Ukraine.

On this occasion, the Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations appealed to the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, objecting to another attempt to legalize so-called “same-sex marriage” in Ukraine under the guise of registered partnerships.

"We can anticipate that if the above-mentioned draft law is adopted, the next step of the lobbyists of same-sex relations will be to initiate the possibility of adopting children by same-sex couples, with all the extremely negative consequences for the formation of the personality of such children and depriving them of their natural right to be brought up in a full-fledged family - having both a father and a mother," the UCCRO said in a statement.

The current demographic situation, in accordance with the national security strategy of Ukraine, approved by Presidential Decree No. 392 of 14.09.2020, is defined as a threat to the national security and national interests of Ukraine. According to the Council of Churches, the legalization of same-sex registered partnerships will in no way help to overcome the demographic crisis, in particular, due to the natural inability of same-sex couples to have children.

"The problem of responding to the demographic crisis is particularly acute in connection with the current armed aggression of Russia against Ukraine, as a result of which thousands of children in Ukraine lost their father and / or mother and became orphans, almost half a thousand children died, and almost a thousand were injured. At the same time, the wave of migration of Ukrainian families with children abroad further complicates the demographic prospects of Ukraine, given the challenges of post-war restoration of destroyed infrastructure."

Religious leaders are confident that Ukraine is currently laying the value foundations for both victory in this war and for its further restoration and development. It is quite obvious that one of these principles should continue to be a healthy family, which makes it necessary to form and implement a state policy focused on supporting families, strengthening marital relations, and responsible fatherhood and motherhood.

The UCCRO considers unacceptable any legislative initiatives that pose threats to both the institution of the family and the value foundations of Ukrainian society as a whole, its moral and spiritual foundations.

The Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations calls on the parliament to reject draft law No. 9103 on the institution of registered partnerships as a threat to the moral and psychological health of children and their right to be brought up in a family established on the basis of marriage between a man and a woman and will worsen the demographic situation in Ukraine.