Ukrainians become more religious

15.05.2014, 11:08

The church remains the only institution in Ukraine that not only has the highest rate of trust among the population, but in general has a positive image. The director of Sociological Service of Razumkov Centre Andriy Bychenko stated this at the round table "Religion and State in Ukraine: Problems of Relations."

A result of the recent events is significant increase of the number of people who identify themselves as religious. In 2013, the number of people who define themselves as believers was 67%, and in 2014 their percentage is 76%.

"The reason for this is that hard times force people to turn to God. More people see no other way out but in God. Most expect from the church compassion and care - 78%. They believe that religious leaders should protect the poorest segments of citizens if state decisions oppress their rights," said Bychenko.

Thirty-nine percent of respondents call the church the civil society's institute and insist that it should take an active part in important social processes.