Ukrposhta issued a stamp with the image of the Ukrainian ascetic of Mount Athos

28.12.2021, 16:28
Ukrposhta issued a stamp with the image of the Ukrainian ascetic of Mount Athos - фото 1
Ukrposhta issued a postage stamp with the image of the Ukrainian Athos elder Habakkuk (Vakarov; 1899-1972), who came from Transcarpathia and was a disciple of the famous Orthodox Saint Silouan of Mount Athos.

The postal block consists of nine stamps depicting the Ukrainian ascetic of Mount Athos. The issue of the stamp is timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of his righteous death (1972-2022).

Director of the International Institute of Athos heritage Sergiy Shumylo made a post about it on Facebook.

In the note, he noted that this is probably the first time that Ukrainian stamps depict an Athos elder... until recently, almost nothing was known about this Transcarpathian Athos ascetic:

"However, gradually, as a result of persistent searches in the archives of the Holy Kinot of Mount Athos, Panteleimon and other monasteries of Mount Athos, it was possible to find both photographs and many documents certifying his ascetic life. As a result of long-term search and work, a joint monograph "Athos elder from Transcarpathia. Hieroschemonk Avvakum (Vakarov) and his time: 1899-1972", prepared y S. Shumylo together with Yu. Danylest, P. Gaidenko and M. Shkarovsky. And recently, a short biography about this ascetic called "Elder Avvakum of Mount Athos. The Life of Athonite Hieroschemamonk Avvakum (Vakarov)".

Stamp "Elder Habakkuk Of Mount Athos (Vakarov; 1899-1972" V / 2021. Series "Own brand". The number of stamps per sheet is 9. The nominal value of the stamp is V (corresponds to the tariff for sending a simple letter weighing up to 50 g within Ukraine), the cost is UAH 10.50. Brand barcode: 4823027148362. Deputy 20-3751, 30.10.2021.

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