UOC in the USA honors the heroes of the Heavenly Hundred and calls on Ukraine to name those guilty of deaths on Maidan

22.02.2021, 12:31
Ukraine and world
Archbishop Daniel of Pamphylia, head of the Western Diocese of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in America, led the Liturgy on February 21, in which the heroes of the Heavenly Hundred were prayerfully remembered.

"Today we honor the memory of the young men and women who died on the Maidan. Some politicians say that perhaps their death on the Maidan was in vain, claiming that today there is no war in Ukraine, that this is a civil conflict between East and West. But we know that there is a war going on, and we cannot keep silent about it. As long as politicians have been silent for the last seven years, so the deaths of these guys have not yet been investigated. How can we look into the eyes of mothers and parents who lost their children on the Maidan? How can we explain to children why their father died? How to look in the face of fathers and children who go to Institutska Street, Independence Square to see photos of their relatives and say that their death was unworthy? We cannot forget that this hundred young people gave their lives for Ukraine and for us, the people who live in a free world. As they can no longer talk about it, as they don't want to talk about it in Ukraine, we have an obligation in the Western world to talk about it. Why do Serbs have the right to say that thousands, millions of innocent people were killed in Kosovo? Why do Jews have the voice and power to talk about killing Jews? So why are we Ukrainians afraid to tell the truth about the murder of our children?! This has not happened during the Holodomor years. This is already our recent history of seven years ago. Some politicians say that we need to turn this page of history already. Never! This should be included in the pages of the history of Ukraine so that the future generation will know about it and remember it. You need to have the strength and inspiration to challenge society and the world, for this is the truth that God demands. This is our sacred duty. This should be revisited year after year, day after day: eternal memory to the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred," Archbishop Daniel urged.