“UOC-MP appropriated both our name and our lavra monasteries, but it's only a matter of time,” - Head of the OCU

24.04.2021, 19:06
“UOC-MP appropriated both our name and our lavra monasteries, but it's only a matter of time,” - Head of the OCU - фото 1
In a" Saturday Interview " with Radio Liberty, Metropolitan Epifaniy stressed that according to the law, the UOC-MP should be renamed. The head of the OCU also answered Who, in his opinion, should own the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra.

Source: Radio Svoboda

"Of course, through the courts that have made certain decisions... Although there is a law, and the time will come when they will be forced to change this name. And we are legally registered as the Ukrainian Orthodox Church "Orthodox Church of Ukraine". We are the true Ukrainian Orthodox Church. And this name was temporarily appropriated by them. But the time will come when the laws will apply.

As now we see that supported by the courts that will be dissolved soon, certain decisions had been made which suspended not the law, but the decision of the Ministry of Culture to rename those religious organizations that fall under this renaming, and in general, they should change this name," the head of the OCU said.

When asked whether Metropolitan Epifaniy intended to raise the issue of canceling Azarov's decree on the transfer of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra to the UOC-MP, he replied:

"We constantly say when our Ukrainian Lavras will belong to the Ukrainian Church. If you recall, we very quickly collected the corresponding number of votes on the website of the president of Ukraine. There was a respective petition. And I think that this issue will be resolved in favor of the OCU in the future.

According to the Metropolitan, this issue should not be raised now because Putin is looking for any reason to send troops.

"Therefore, this issue is not relevant now. But in the future, I think, with God's help, the Lord will create appropriate conditions and these Lavras that belong to the Ukrainian people (they do not belong to the Russian Orthodox Church, this is a temporary phenomenon), over time, the authorities, the state, since they are under the jurisdiction of the Ukrainian state, will order that these Lavras will belong to the Ukrainian Church," Metropolitan Epifaniy said.