U.S. Deputy Secretary of State meets with Ukrainian refugees at UGCC Church in Rome

01 February, 10:00
Ukraine and world
U.S. Deputy Secretary of State meets with Ukrainian refugees at UGCC Church in Rome - фото 1
Dr. Karen Donfried, US Deputy Secretary of state for European and Eurasian Affairs, met with internally displaced people from Ukraine in Rome at the Curia of the Apostolic Exarchate of the UGCC in Italy on January 31.

It was held within the framework of Karen Donfried's visit. to Italy, the Vatican and Poland from January 30 to February 3 to "underscore the United States' commitment to European allies and partners, democracy and Transatlantic Security, and to demonstrate continued support for Ukraine." This is reported by the UGCC Information Department.

The event was attended by representatives of the Apostolic Exarchate of the UGCC in Italy, diplomatic institutions of Ukraine and the United States, and state institutions of the Italian Republic.

Karen Donfried met with Ukrainian children.

His Eminence Dionysius welcomed the guests to the Curia of the Apostolic Exarchate and thanked the representatives of the state institutions of the United States and Italy for their support for Ukraine and for helping Ukrainian refugees, "without which they would have found themselves in a complicated situation." "We feel the great love, compassion and generosity of the Italian people, for which I sincerely want to thank you."

In his address to the participants of the meeting, Dr Karen Donfried also thanked the representatives of the Italian state apparatus for the fact that their country has been hosting thousands of Ukrainians for almost a year, helping them integrate into the Italian environment. At the same time, she stressed the constant efforts of the United States of America, and in particular President Joseph Biden, aimed at supporting Ukraine. According to her, the United States will continue to support Ukraine in the fight against the aggressor and help victims of the war.

Words of gratitude were also expressed by the ambassadors of Ukraine to Italy and the Vatican. Yaroslav Melnyk highly appreciated the gestures of solidarity of the United States and Italy towards Ukraine in its quest for a just peace, thanking them for their assistance and constant support. Andriy Yurash expressed his gratitude to the representatives of the Apostolic Exarchate for their activity in organizing humanitarian aid for Ukraine, as well as for their constant work with refugees, for whom "it is extremely important, along with material support, to receive psychological and spiritual support, which has been provided by the pastors of the Apostolic Exarchate for almost a year."

They also stressed the valuable contribution of the Holy See and the Holy Father to building peace and noted the constant manifestations of closeness with Ukraine.

Director of Caritas Fr Volodymyr Medvid said that since the beginning of the war, the communities of the Exarchate have jointly managed to send 360 shooting ranges with humanitarian aid to Ukraine, collect 1.5 million euros, make transfers to the accounts of diocesan "Caritas" and volunteer organizations in the amount of 594 thousand euros, purchase 13 generators, 30 vehicles for the armed forces of Ukraine and transfer several tons of valuable medicines. Thanks to the charity event "Christmas candle", 82 children from Ukraine who are being treated in Italy received one-time assistance in the amount of 1,200 euros, and at the Caritas food distribution center of the Apostolic Exarchate in Rome, more than 2 thousand people received 10 thousand food packages and hygiene products.