U.S. Embassy responds to the attack on a synagogue in Mariupol

30.07.2020, 12:15
Ukraine and world
The American Embassy is deeply concerned about the attack on the synagogue in Mariupol and hopes for a quick and thorough investigation of the incident.

This was reported by the Embassy's press service on Twitter.

They also added that they stand together with the people of Ukraine against anti-Semitism in any form.

On July 28, the Mariupol synagogue was attacked, during which a security guard was injured. This was announced on his Facebook page by the chief Rabbi of Ukraine Moshe Reuven Asman.

“After morning prayer, an unknown person entered the synagogue with an axe. He attacked a guard who came out to meet him and struck him several times with an axe. A fight broke out – and, despite his injuries, the guard managed to disarm the criminal. While fleeing, the attacker managed to throw the prepared cans and bags with feces, sand and an unknown substance into the synagogue building,” the report said.

The police were called to the scene and are looking for the perpetrator.