War in Eastern Ukraine is not a 'civil clash', - Head of Vatican diplomacy to the Russian media

05.12.2020, 09:43
Archbishop Paul Richard Gallagher - фото 1
Archbishop Paul Richard Gallagher
The Vatican does not consider the war in eastern Ukraine a simple 'civil clash', as the Russian side tries to imagine.

This was stated in an exclusive interview with TASS on December 4 by Archbishop Paul Richard Gallagher, Secretary for Relations with the states of the Holy See, "Credo.Press" reports.

"As for the situation in Ukraine, the Holy See supports the implementation of the agreements reached and the activities of all parties involved in this. The Holy See refrains from publicly accusing the parties involved in conflicts. But this does not mean that he accepts the interpretations of interested parties, nor does he consider it correct to call the conflict in eastern Ukraine a civil clash," the hierarch said.

He noted that the Vatican appreciates any initiatives aimed at establishing peace. Gallagher recalled that the Vatican, at the initiative of Pope Francis, took concrete actions to assist the population through the Pope for Ukraine humanitarian program. "This interest and participation on the part of the Holy See are intended, among other things, to inspire the various parties involved in the peace process to make every effort to return to the much-desired peace as soon as possible," the head of Vatican diplomacy said.

He stressed that all Catholic Churches in Ukraine, except for their pastoral mission, "provide assistance and support to the entire population, regardless of national, religious or other affiliation."

As Gallagher noted, the Holy See believes that any help and interference from outside should not replace the efforts of the parties to the conflict to get out of it independently. "Only assistance in reaching an agreement is possible. Any direct participation in the negotiations of the parties to the Holy See is possible only when the participants in this process apply," Gallagher said.