Who among the patriarchs will benefit the Ukrainian Orthodox Church?

13.08.2018, 12:18
The question of granting the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Tomos of autocephaly suited to intermediate finish.

Кто из патриархов выиграет Украинскую православную церковь?

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The question of granting the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Tomos of autocephaly suited to intermediate finish.

1-3 September, the Council of bishops of the Church of Constantinople, the agenda of which included the questions “within the competence of the Mother Church”. That the Ukrainian question may be considered at this Council, told the Greek bishops. Finally, the fact that on 31 August Patriarch Kirill going to visit Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew in his residence in the Phanar, speaks volumes.

They had not met since the Patriarch had deceived Patriarch Bartholomew, and did not come to Crete on a pan-Orthodox Council. Not that he did not arrive — he is also dissuaded from participating in the Cathedral of the Patriarch of Antioch, Bulgarians and Georgians. It was a stab in the back — after all the agreements and commitments, compromises and concessions, the Patriarch of Moscow did everything in his power to disrupt the event, which was for Patriarch Bartholomew’s “business of life”. Since then — after the recent pre-conciliar meeting in Chambesy in 2016 — they never saw each other again.

Halfway from Rome to Rome

But think about each other of course, they never stopped. In any case, this can be said about the Ecumenical Patriarch, who knew how and what to repay the sworn brother-in service for the treachery. One of the key agreements in Chambesy, the Patriarch of Moscow which literally snatched the universe, was the failure to raise the “Ukrainian question”. Another “uncompromising” item was the granting of autocephaly as the exclusive prerogatives of the Ecumenical Patriarch.

A few hasty and perhaps overly impassioned statement of the President Poroshenko in April about “sbychu dream” of the Ukrainian people about your Church signalled the next stage of the struggle between Moscow and Constantinople. The stage at which the Ecumenical Patriarch, apparently, intends to take revenge.

For the implementation of the plan “section of the ROC” the most appropriate moment. In Ukraine there is a war with Russia — do not recognize it officially, but this is the General voice. National feeling as ever sharpened, and even those who until now, was completely indifferent to Church Affairs, joined their voices to demands to rid the country of “Moscow priests” and to build in the country, “their”, “national” Church. Finally, not far off presidential election, and the President, aimed for a second term, needs to show his constituents scoring play and a significant victory over Moscow. The pieces are coming together — there are the aspirations of the masses, the political will of the authorities, as well as purely Church resulting from falling away from the Church quite a large number of Orthodox. Not to mention the fact that on the background of sanctions to solve the problem of traditional ROC way — through bribes — was somewhat more difficult. Sable was bald.

In General, as the dubious “classic” yesterday was early, tomorrow will be too late. Tomos need to give right now.

In Moscow, apparently, also understand this. Therefore, the Patriarch — at the last moment — everything is going to Fanar. To negotiate. At least about the delay.

She will give him? Because in the end it will change nothing — was recognized by other churches, and we recognize.

In the end, Yes. But “when?” in our stormy life the question is not so idle. And delay Thomas for us, alas, are not as harmless as it may seem.

Who will get Tomos?

Postponement of autocephaly can be a problem not only for President Poroshenko, who will not be able to submit to the voters a fresh “Peremoga” before the election and generally will be subject to a well-orchestrated ridicule on this topic.

No matter how strong it may seem, the current position of the UOC-KP, which gains weight in society, acquires allies among “Church” and “secular” (including politicians), increases numerically, wait she can’t at the same time. Can wait for her faithful, who made their choice in favor of the Ukrainian (or rather, non-Moscow) Church, keeping their beliefs within their communities is to wait and, in the end, to wait. But the Church administrative structure is not disposed to delay.

For the hierarchy of the UOC-KP is a very serious matter. To which the answer is they certainly are — but to give it to you. Just because the Patriarch every year more and more is temporary, and without it, getting thin the chances of the UOC-KP become the Church that will receive the Tomos and with it canonical recognition. The Church, which “form the basis” of a local Church, and thus retain all their structure and will have the opportunity to expand at the expense of those who wish to join the national Church project.

The UOC-KP could be the main beneficiary of Thomas, but only if the Patriarch at the time of receipt of the Tomos will still take the lead. Who and give, if not him? After all, he was “first” (who remembers that the first was the UAOC — where is she?) so it’s an act of historical justice. And he has experience, and charisma, and credibility. And most importantly — have no equal. This is partly the problem, because to replace it with the UOC-KP there is nobody.

So if you are not the Patriarch, then who? This is really an alarming issue for the Church-administrative structure of the UOC-KP. Not only the UOC-KP, but in the other Orthodox churches of Ukraine figures of the caliber of Patriarch Filaret. But if you subtract him from the equation, the chances of someone from the UOC-KP to lead the newly formed local Church and become a guarantor of her Church’s administrative structure, quite a bit. In this case, the UOC-KP will be in equal position with all other potential participants of the project. This is no loss, neither for her nor for the other, but not expressive, visible to the naked eye wins, with tangible gains symbolic (and only symbolic) capital.

And because the command of the Patriarch, how it can boost the situation of Tomos, mobilizing all their supporters and allies in different social groups, and all the forces fueling public interest. Tomos need right now. And no one should have the slightest doubt, into whose hands it needs to be issued.

As it is, already painted, without a hitch. Sinax in the Phanar considers the appeal of Patriarch Filaret about the illegal anathema and abolishes it. The Cathedral Church of Constantinople, the Mother decides on the granting of a Tomos of the Ukrainian Church by the certificate is claimed is already written. After that, Ukraine is the unification Council, which elected the Patriarch — Filaret, of course, because who else? And this Patriarch received from the hands of representatives of the Mother Church the Tomos of autocephaly.

That in such a scenario the Primate will be the Patriarch, no doubt. For example, because the majority of delegates will be from this Church. And also — sorry to repeat — who else?

Possible, in fact, another scenario that is painted in the media is much less and meaner — a scenario which, apparently, more would suit Fanar. The Church of Constantinople can offer “gradual” option. Which at the unity Cathedral of the Patriarch-elect will not. Appoint, for example, the Locum Tenens or “acting” at the time of unification and formation of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Church. When passion poulyagutsya and it will be possible to hold local Council without too hotheads and scandals, will be elected Patriarch. As for Thomas, he can be given as to the unification Council, and after the election of the Patriarch.

Second — careful — the option may seem preferable Fanaro, but is likely to cause objections to the UOC-KP. Which will lose not only time (and with it, it is not excluded, and his biggest trump card in the person of Patriarch Filaret), but the control over the merge process and the establishment of new Church structures. Not only the UOC-KP and its Primate — many in Ukraine are not satisfied with such a scenario. And not only in Ukraine. However, in Moscow such a scenario certainly will think far better.

“Issues of mutual interest”

If the Patriarch of Fanar carries on proposals related to the deferral of adoption of Thomas, he can find understanding. As if we had nothing swaggered to the effect that Patriarch Kirill have no leverage and nothing to scare of Patriarch Bartholomew, he can still find something, “of mutual interest”. If the Patriarch refuses to compromise adopted in the Kremlin establishment, and the manner of “run away,” intrinsic to the Patriarch, he has a chance to negotiate. His problem may be is that he himself is not the owner, and language, manners and conditions he chooses not to — it is only their voices.

However, in place of the Kremlin leadership I would now gave Patriarch Kirill a certain freedom. Because the situation rapidly goes downhill. This concerns not only Ukraine. But also the separation of the representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church from mount Athos. Greece was not limited to the expulsion of diplomats who bribed officials and elders of mount Athos. Now the Greek Consulate in Russia EN masse denied visas to the representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church — especially those who are going to visit mount Athos. Comes to oddities — mother and children to give a visa, but the priest denied.

ROC was never much of a secret that may by the Kremlin and its relationship with the President of Turkey Erdogan to create problems for the Ecumenical Patriarch. Well, Patriarch Bartholomew has the opportunity to return the favor in Greece. The solution of the Macedonian question, which was vitally interested in Greece (as well as Washington and Brussels), the Church has a tangible aspect, fully independent from the Church of Constantinople. So why the Greek authorities not to provide courtesy to the Patriarch?

What Church Moscow actively and sometimes with considerable effect uses Athos, subordinate to the Ecumenical Patriarch, against him — the open secret. What Athos — an informal decision-making centre for Russian (and some Ukrainian) political and financial elites, is another open secret. To be cut off from this “sacred place” — a serious loss not only for the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, but also for his Kremlin entourage.

It is therefore possible that the Patriarch during his visit to Fanar will be able to enjoy the relative freedom of maneuver and to show their talents to the full. According to the terse message of the DECR, he’s going to discuss with the Ecumenical Patriarch “issues of mutual interest.” Ukraine — the first in the list of “mutual interests”, but probably our list is not exhaustive. And that’s alarming, because any Patriarchal “consensus” may be at our expense.

What it has to offer, the Patriarch of Moscow to the Ecumenical Patriarch? In addition to the next stage of horror stories about the “eternal-split-worse still” or “bloodshed”, which will happen in Ukraine after the granting of the Tomos. To repeat all this stupid speculation, makes no sense to drive the Patriarchal Charter to Istanbul and back.

For example, he could offer to Patriarch Bartholomew to return to a pan-Orthodox Council — to convene the second session, which will are all and will take something like that before and could not dream. Or something even more extravagant. To grant autocephaly to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, for example. To give the Ukrainians Tomos, if they want to — and be done with it. But not the Tomos and not to give, as planned in the Phanar and in Kiev, and with the active participation of the Moscow Patriarchate and the Ukrainian “daughter” of the UOC-MP. If something cannot be avoided — must lead.

Incidentally, this script can accept even the Patriarch is subject to their own Patriarchate, by itself. He, by and large, still, from what hands he gets canonical status and autocephaly. Moscow so Moscow at the Tomos will be recognized by all other local churches. It was clear from his sudden Moscow escapades, done at the end of last year, when the Patriarch sent a conciliatory letter to the bishops ‘ Council of the ROC. And unexpected favor of the Russian bishops — to “schismatic” and “anathema”! — it became clear that there in a critical situation can be ready for extravagant solutions.

About how profitable it would be for Moscow to give the autocephaly of the Ukrainian Church, written more than enough. But it was also absolutely clear that without a tremendous kick to it, no one will dare — too many of the Russian Orthodox Church thus loses both symbolic and quite real. But maybe a kick overdue?

If the patriarchs agree with Tomos does not arise. There are problems of a different kind. If Moscow manages to seize the initiative from the Autocephalous Fanara, she will be able to “lead” and to avoid the loss of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church from its orbit of influence. The Ukrainian Autocephalous Church will be among the other satellites of Ospatarii along with Bulgarian, Serbian and Georgian churches.

However, the “Autocephalous contract” is unlikely. It would be too bold for Patriarch Kirill in his present situation. Because the loss in this case is obvious, and the benefits of a hypothetical and related to the future. A game could accept the Patriarch of sample 2010. But now he too has a built in totally flat the Kremlin establishment. Therefore, we can almost certainly say that he will by all means and at any cost to delay the granting of the Tomos. Maybe he just believes that the Ecumenical Patriarch has no serious intentions towards Thomas for Ukraine that he is bluffing, throwing his weight around and goes to him to bargain on the part that is willing to pay. How he has been deceived — their surroundings, or their desires — we find out very soon.

"Dzerkalo Tyzhnia" / The Koz Time, August 12, 2018