World Council of Churches calls for immediate cessation of hostilities in Ukraine

12 June, 13:56
World news
World Council of Churches calls for immediate cessation of hostilities in Ukraine - фото 1
The World Council of Churches called for an end to the occupation of Ukrainian territories and a peaceful resolution of the conflict.

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In Bogotá, Colombia, where the World Council of Churches (WCC) met from 6 to 11 June, an appeal was issued calling for an end to the military action in Ukraine.

The official website of the WCC states that the Council is concerned about the large number of casualties and the scale of environmental destruction.

"We are appalled by the horrific toll of lives lost, the destruction of livelihoods and communities, environmental damage, and the wider risks of conflict resulting from this war. Thus, we call for the protection of civilians and civilian infrastructure, an end to the invasion and occupation of Ukrainian territory, and the restoration of peace in the region," the document reads.

"We also call on the governments of Russia and Ukraine to respect the fundamental human and moral right to conscientious objection to military service, even in times of war," the WCC website reports.

The WCC also made a statement about the need to redouble the efforts of their Secretary-General to initiate dialogue and find ways to reconcile. It is noted that the meetings emphasise the importance of deepening the life and witness of the churches in matters of justice and unity.

The response to the call for Patriarch Kirill to reconsider his position on the "holy war" against Ukraine remained unanswered, which further strengthened the position of the WCC on the need to end the conflict.