Miraculous Icon “Saves” Moscow Orthodox Church in Kherson From Fire

08.02.2002, 16:34
According to Bishop Ionafan of Kherson and Tavriia of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Moscow Patriarchate (UOC-MP), a miraculous icon saved the Kherson Cathedral of the Holy Spirit from fire on 6 February 2002.

On 3 February, a large crowd of Orthodox believers prayed before an icon of the Mother of God named “Look at the humbled.” During the night of 6 February, the roof of the Kherson Cathedral, where the icon is currently kept, caught fire due to a short circuit in the electrical network. Though firefighters assisted in putting out the flames, the bishop believes that it was the icon’s intercession that saved the church from destruction. The material losses amount to a few thousand hryvnias (less than a thousand US dollars). Source: press service of the UOC-MP, Icon image from www.sofrino.ru