A military chaplain of the UGCC names the condition for ending the war

10.05.2022, 13:40
A military chaplain of the UGCC names the condition for ending the war - фото 1
Fr Andriy Zelinsky has been serving in the military chaplaincy for more than 15 years, and in 2014 he officially became the first chaplain in the ATO zone. Together with the military, the priest lived through hard battles on the front lines – in the Donbas, near the Donetsk airport, served the Marines in Mariupol, who are now defending the city. He had experienced at least five times when he might no longer be alive. The chaplain made his prediction for this absurd war.

"Today's war is one of the most absurd wars of our time. It is provoked by Russia for no real reason. And most of all, it is not the position of the Russian authorities that worries, but ordinary people who support the war. Russian society needs to be treated because Russian propaganda acts to provoke hatred of Ukraine by lying. It is important to know that peace is not just a balance of interests and compromise, it is impossible to turn a blind eye to reality. Changes are simply necessary for the system of government and society in Russia. This will happen when the armed forces of Ukraine and the international community create conditions in which Russia will be forced to change its attitude. Russia should recognize the right to exist of Ukraine as a sovereign state with a free Ukrainian people. Wars end only with the achievement of Justice. Otherwise, they can continue in a hidden form. If the aggressor country is not ready for such conditions, then the war can continue for a very long time," father Zelinsky said in a recent interview.

When asked why it is important for the priest to be at the front line with the military, Fr. Andriy Zelinsky replied:

"A military chaplain must meet the spiritual and religious needs of the military servicemen, but at the same time provide pastoral service in the conditions of war, which is on the other side of ordinary life. After all, in war, a person becomes disoriented. Therefore, there should be someone who can always remind us of our humanity, of our vocation, in particular, the military as a defender of our country. The chaplain becomes a support for the military and helps not to lose sight of our most important vocation – to be human."