A renowned theologian volunteers and purchases rifles for soldiers

20.11.2023, 09:45
A renowned theologian volunteers and purchases rifles for soldiers - фото 1
Renowned religious scholar and philosopher Yuri Chornomorets was a sniper in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. However, during a combat task in the Chernobyl exclusion zone, he received a high dose of radiation and had to leave the military. Currently, he volunteers and actively provides rifles to soldiers.

The long-range sniper rifle with optics and additional equipment that Yuri purchased for a Ukrainian defender cost over UAH 350,000, as reported by Vikna.

Before the full-scale war, Yuri taught theology and religious studies at Dragomanov University.

From his youth, he enjoyed shooting with sniper weapons. At the onset of the full-scale war, Yuri Chornomorets joined the Armed Forces with his own rifle. During the defense of Kyiv, he used the pseudonym "Academic." He was in Horenychi, Irpin, Moschun, and the Chornobyl zone.

A renowned theologian volunteers and purchases rifles for soldiers - фото 125277

After receiving a significant dose of radiation, doctors advised Yuri to leave the service. Being not eligible for combat service, he began assisting familiar snipers. As the requests grew, Yuri focused on volunteering.

According to Yuri Chornomorets, fundraising on Facebook decreased; more assistance is obtained from English-speaking Twitter (X). They revamp equipment for the assault teams, fitting sights and installing firing mechanisms.

"Every hryvnia is being used to its fullest potential to support those who are truly fighting all the time," Yuri shares.

Yuri Chornomorets and his friends have collectively procured 220 sniper sets for the Armed Forces, National Guard, and individual combatants within the General Staff and Security Service of Ukraine. To contribute towards Yuri's efforts in providing rifles to the military, you can use this card number: 5375411203869404 or scan the QR code displayed in the segment.