A synagogue being built in an Orthodox cemetery in Babyn Yar

08.03.2021, 12:53
A synagogue being built in an Orthodox cemetery in Babyn Yar - фото 1
In Babyn Yar, the construction works of a scandalous synagogue - a small architectural form, which is planned to be built at St Cyril Orthodox cemetery.

Part of the cemetery has already been filled with concrete, Big Kyiv reports.

This was announced on Facebook by a Ukrainian public figure and dissident of Jewish origin, vice-president of the Congress of National Communities of Ukraine, member of the initiative group "First of December" Josef Zissels. He also posted a video of the works.

"Working on Saturday and Sunday, especially building a synagogue in an Orthodox cemetery, where this "small architectural form" can incite ethnic hatred on the part of the Russian project, as the SBU warned about, is a big, triple sin," Zisels wrote.

In addition, blogger Nestor Volya wrote about the intensification of work on the construction of the scandalous synagogue.

"Putin's foremen are intensively continuing construction work on DAU-project on the territory of the Babyn Yar National Historical and Memorial Reserve and have filled part of St Cyril cemetery with concrete," the report says.

According to him, now:

- A concrete slab measuring ~120 sq. m.is already filled in.
- Hidden earthworks are underway in the far (from the Menorah) corner of the construction site. The soil is taken out manually on wheelbarrows, but judging by the volume of soil already removed, the work is carried out over a significant area or depth.

- On the fence, there are two posters that indicate BABYN YAR Holocaust Memorial Center as a "performer of works".

It is noted that there are no permits like a "construction passport" or a construction site diagram. But the site is equipped with "cabins", temporary toilets, and professional storage of construction materials takes place.

As reported, the scandalous small architectural form synagogue in Babyn Yar will have a shape of a book. It is planned to open by the 80th anniversary of the tragedy or closer to April 2021.

A synagogue being built in an Orthodox cemetery in Babyn Yar - фото 68306


Earlier, the President of Ukraine's Office allowed the Russian authors of the Babyn Yar Memorial to start construction of a Memorial Synagogue on the land of the St. Cyril Orthodox cemetery. Employees of the controversial Russian film director Hrzhanovsky still began excavations in Babyn Yar and found bones there. And then they said that they got there with garbage.

In this regard, Ukrainian Jews began collecting protest signatures against the new abuse of the history of peoples. They appealed to civil society to protect the Orthodox cemetery from construction, which threatens interethnic and interfaith conflict in Ukraine.

At the end of February, the City Council once again postponed consideration of the Project "Babyn Yar" by the scandalous Russian film director Hrzhanovsky.

It became known that lobbyists of the Russian project of the Babyn Yar memorial in the City Council of Kyiv will try to "buy" the vote. At the same time, the SBU declares the possible use of the Babyn Yar Holocaust Center to discredit Ukraine.