A website and a hotline for the Hasidic pilgrims set up in Uman

13.08.2023, 12:17
A website and a hotline for the Hasidic pilgrims set up in Uman - фото 1
"Historical and Cultural Center of the City of Uman" Charitable Foundation is providing practical assistance in organizing the annual pilgrimage of Hasidic Jews for Rosh Hashanah in Uman.

According to JewishNews, this was reported on Facebook by Irina Rybnitska, Executive Director of the 'Historical and Cultural Center of the city of Uman'.

This event poses complex logistical, organizational, and security challenges, especially now, when there is an ongoing full-scale war and shelling from the side of Russia in Ukraine.

Therefore, the foundation has created a special website that informs about the pilgrimage specifics and rules of stay. It also helps resolve all questions pilgrims might have.

In addition, the 'Historical and Cultural Center of the city of Uman has established a hotline that will provide round-the-clock support to the pilgrims.

In this way, communication will be established between the Ukrainian side and the pilgrims with the aim of:

informing all pilgrims about the pilgrimage conditions;

collaborating to simplify border crossing and entry into the city of Uman;

receiving information about arrival and departure times for the purpose of further coordination of the rapid entry process into the pilgrimage area, depending on the number of people arriving at specific time intervals.

The upcoming Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, is scheduled to occur from September 15 to 17 this year. Anticipations are high, with an estimated 30,000 Israelis poised to gather in Uman to partake in the festivities.