Abbot of Univ Lavra (UGCC) raises third million hryvnias for the Armed Forces

11 June, 13:29
Abbot of Univ Lavra (UGCC) raises third million hryvnias for the Armed Forces - фото 1
Father Makariy Dutka, a volunteer hieromonk and, until recently, the rector of the Holy Dormition Univ Lavra, is finishing raising the third million hryvnias for FPV drones for the 24th King Danylo Brigade. The volunteer donates the money to the Birds of Victory charity project, which buys the drones.

In a commentary to ZAXID.NET, Father Makariy Dutka said that 133 drones have been handed over to the military for the UAH 2 million raised.

"This is the third fundraiser I'm holding. This year, in February, I started raising money for the 15th Aerial Reconnaissance Brigade. I managed to raise over UAH 120 thousand. When I won the Ukrainian powerlifting championship on 14 April, I started a new fundraiser for 500 thousand hryvnias with this record and managed to close it in two days. I decided to continue raising money until today. Today or tomorrow, I will announce that three million have already been raised. For UAH 2 million, 133 drones have already been bought. The million we raising will also be allocated to buying drones," says Makariy Dutka.

According to the priest, the Ukrainian diaspora and entrepreneurs are joining the collection. In addition, he addresses his followers on his social media daily.

"People often come to me and bring cash. Recently, a pensioner called me in Przemyślany. We met in the city centre, and she got 15,000 hryvnias out of her bag. One dance group in Przemyślany had their reporting concert and raised UAH 18,000. Another woman from Przemyślany sold various things for women and tasty treats and raised another UAH 19,000. There are only 5-6 thousand residents in Przemyślany, but they manage to raise money in a matter of days. At times I'm shocked at how quickly they do it. They trust the church very much," says the clergyman.

You can join the collection for the 24th King Danylo Brigade held by Father Makariy Dutka here.

It should be noted that on 14 April 2024, Father Makariy Dutka won the Ukrainian Powerlifting Championship and set the eighth record of Ukraine by lifting 193 kg lying down. Also, in 2017, Makariy Dutka won the World Powerlifting Cup.