Another fake from Moscow: "Ukraine creates Bandera paganism"

17.01.2023, 11:22
Another fake from Moscow: "Ukraine creates Bandera paganism" - фото 1
Russian propagandists showcased their "creativity" by creating fakes. They are already saying that a new religion is spreading in Ukraine – the so-called "Bandera paganism".

Channel 24 presenter Sofia Troshchuk ridiculed a new and most bizarre fake from Russian propagandists. It's hard to imagine how anyone could even think of such an absurd idea. The insanity of the invaders is only progressing.

After stories about "demilitarization", "denazification", and then "desatanization", Russian propagandists did not stop. They combined two of their" favorite "words –" Bandera" and" Nazism" – and came up with a new religion.

In the swamps, they allegedly came up with a new Ukrainian religion – "Bandera paganism". They also added about "esoteric Nazism". I don't know how it came together in their heads. But I'm afraid of the next day to come. It seems that Ukrainians who read this may "die laughing," Troshchuk said.

It is hard to imagine how the so-called "Bandera paganism" and "esoteric Nazism" can function at all. The funny thing is that propagandists are spreading such nonsense in their media in full earnest, and "simple russians" probably fully believe in this. A truly alternative reality.