Armenian churches of Ukraine pay tribute to victims of Sumgait pogroms

01.03.2021, 11:25
Ukraine has celebrated the 33rd anniversary of the Armenian pogroms in Sumgait. On February 28, memorial services were held in Armenian churches of Ukraine for the victims of the Armenian pogroms in Sumgait.

Armenian churches of Ukraine pay tribute to victims of Sumgait pogroms - фото 67848


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In Kyiv, the service was held in the chapel of the Srbots Naatakats, the prayer service was led by the head of the Ukrainian Diocese of the AAC, Bishop Markos Oganesyan.

The service was attended by representatives of the Union of Armenians of Ukraine, the Kyivan community, believers of the Armenian Apostolic Church from the capital of Ukraine and the nearest regions.

As you know, every year in many regions of the country, Armenian communities hold various events (round tables, photo exhibitions, memorial evenings, candlelight, lectures, documentary screenings) dedicated to the memory of the victims of the Sumgait tragedy.

As you know, the pogroms of the Armenian population in the Azerbaijani city of Sumgait on February 27-29, 1988, led to dozens of victims and hundreds of wounded. This was a landmark event and a turning point in the escalation of the interethnic conflict, which caused the first flows of Armenian refugees from Sumgait to Karabakh and Armenia.

The exact number of victims of the Sumgait pogroms is still unknown. According to official data of the time, 26 Armenians were killed, but there are numerous shreds of evidence that several hundred Armenians were killed and tortured in the city in three days.

The Sumgait tragedy was condemned by the international community, including in a resolution of the European Parliament.