ATO veteran spoke about pro-Russian narratives and political agitation in the UOC-MP

15.07.2021, 13:49
ATO veteran spoke about pro-Russian narratives and political agitation in the UOC-MP - фото 1
Stanislav Proschenko, a veteran of the anti-terrorist operation from the Chernihiv region, spoke about clashes with the Moscow Patriarchate in Nizhyn. Then the believers of the UOC-MP beat the mother of the deceased hero of the ATO. He also told how there were transitions to the OCU and resistance from a few supporters of the UOC-MP.

"They (active supporters of the Russian Orthodox Church – ed.) have completely pro-Russian narratives in place. Even during this church procession in Nizhyn, they conducted political agitation! And this is not a simple person – this is a religious figure, the priest stated on camera: “the Heavenly Hundred was shot by Poroshenko himself and his people” “they say: "your guys are being killed by the Verkhovna Rada and those who are sitting there, not Putin. Putin doesn't kill!", cited the veteran of anti-terrorist operation Stanislav Protsenko in an interview with Novinarnia, according to DFU.

He also told how because of several supporters of the Moscow Patriarchate in different villages, the entire parish that decided to join the OCU suffers.

"In our district, as well as in Bakhmat, Borznyany. I was at the gatherings in the village of Talalaevka, where my parents and grandfathers came from. I raised the issue, and 70-80% of those present raised their hands for the transition. Installation of the OCU sign on the Church of the Nativity of the Most Holy Theotokos in the village of Priputni, Prilutsky district, Chernihiv region. Most of the villages in the region with whom I spoke have such sentiments among the population. Almost everyone is ready to switch. But legally, there is no possibility yet. Although the OCU has already received the Tomos. But it happens that the whole village becomes a hostage of 5-12 people who hold documents for the religious community and for the use of the church, and they do not give them up. Take Parafiyivka, for example. There, out of 230 people, 228 voted for the transition. And we fought for two years to go under the OCU and take that church," says the veteran.

In Olenivka, Borznyany district, the transition to the OCU took place. The Moscow Patriarchate filed a lawsuit. "However, they lost everything in the world. Then come Parafiyivka, Pryputni. Two trials, appeal. Anti-Raider Commission in Kyiv. And they lost every hearing, just no options!", says Stanislav Protsenko and adds that you can't force people to be in the OCU, so everything happens voluntarily.

"Now they have started filing lawsuits in Parafiyivka again, but these are just private individuals in a civil manner. They (MP – ed.) simply fill the courts up with waste paper and “fill” the statistics of claims – against the Department of Culture, against the state registrar. Although they know that they are losing," Stanislav said.