Cardinal Konrad Krajewski consecrated the Church of St. John Paul ІІ in Lviv

18.07.2020, 18:21
Cardinal Konrad Krajewski consecrated the Church of St. John Paul ІІ in Lviv - фото 1
The consecration of the Church of St. John Paul II in Sokolnyky near Lviv became a major event of the visit of the representative of the Vatican, the papal almoner (alms distributor) cardinal Konrad Krajewski.

The consecration is to take place on July 18 in the follow-up of an eventful program of the guest from the Vatican in Lviv.

The Liturgy was celebrated by Roman Catholic and Greek Catholic clergymen and representatives of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.


This year marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of the former Pope, Saint Pope John Paul II. Therefore, it is symbolic that cardinal Krajewski consecrated the Church named after this Saint.

The new Church is located opposite Lviv's Hippodrome. In 2001, during the visit of Pope John Paul II to Lviv, two services (in the Latin and Greek rites) and a meeting with young people were held there.

“During his visit to Lviv John Paul II passed several times by this place, where the parish, named in his honor, is now located,” says the rector of the Church of St. John Paul and Father Gregory Draus. “This parish is a continuation of the work of Pope John Paul II, and therefore not only honors his memory but acts in two important directions: opening the doors for Christ (so that we become true Christians) and a new evangelization for the baptized and non-believers. Since families were the core of our parish at the time, a family center will be consecrated near the Church, where, in particular, we plan interesting preschool activities for children. Cardinal Krajewski was among those who were at John Paul's side during the last years of his life.