Christ is Risen: let's celebrate safely!

01.05.2021, 21:00
Christ is Risen: let's celebrate safely! - фото 1
The RISU editorial board offer sincere congratulations to all their readers, authors, current and future patrons and benefactors on the bright holiday of the Resurrection of Christ!

Another year has passed, another pilgrimage from Easter to Easter. It was challenging. Some of our relatives or acquaintances passed away to the Lord. But we believe that Christ rose from the dead to give us a chance at eternal life. And this pandemic, which has forced us to live differently, is the heavy cross that we can carry while staying human and keeping our faith and hope. This is yet another trial to overcome, another sign of the times we need to understand.

We really hope that this Easter will give us all strength and enrich us spiritually so that we, cleansed from the burdens of sin, may see and understand the Word of God, distinguish truth from falsehood, righteousness from error, and separate the wheat from the chaff.

Just like last year, we wish you to celebrate the Day of Redemption with your loved ones in good health and joy! And do not abuse God's Mercy - let us all celebrate safely!


Members of the RISU team

Christ is Risen: let's celebrate safely! - фото 71613
The Resurrection of Christ. Icon by Ostap Lozynsky